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Wet Rubbing Fastness Improver Agent 809

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Product Description

Wet Rubbing Fastness Improver Agent 809


Original wet rubbing fastness improving agent is poor deep dyeing for direct, reactive, indigo blue and sulfur dyestuffs, especially for dark black, bright red and turquoise blue whose wet rubbing fastness is below Grade 1, while fabric wet rubbing fastness exported to Europe and US must be above Grade 3. Therefore, our company specially developed environment-friendly wet rubbing fastness improving agent 809 that improve the product stability of salt & alkali and reduce the structure insufficient of the product.


[Main composition]

Special water-based polyurethane.


[General properties]


Appearance: light yellow to yellow liquiddarker as time going

Ionicity: weakly cationic

pH: 5±150g/L

Solubility: easily soluble in normal water in any proportion at room temperature


[Product features]


1. Free of formaldehyde and APEO that belongs to environmental products and complies with EU OEKO-TEX Standard 100 requirements.

2. Use for fixing after cellulose fibre dyeing .Excellent wet rubbing fastness improving performance that can meet above Grade 3 by improving 1- 1.5 grades .

3. Easy operation for using by direct dilution.

4. Soft hand feeling, no influence on light fastness and resistant to washing.




Based on different kind and concentration of dyes, different kind and pattern of treated fabric, Dosage as below:


1. Dipping (washing only)

HT-809:    2-4% (O.W.F) (Adjustment base on color)

Bath ratio: 1: 10 – 20

Dyed fabrics (pH ≦ 7) → Dip at 40℃ × 20 – 30 min →Dry


2. Padding:

HT-809: 30 – 50 g/L

Dyed fabrics (pH <= 7) → One dip & pad with water retention 80 – 85% → Dry




1. Prepared solution should be used immediately and make sure the working liquid at approx.25-40℃. Please test before using.

2. Only use alone, can not use for one bath with silicone oil, fixing agent and anionic agent.

3. Please clean up the alkali (pH less than 7), salt and soaping agent of the fabric before using wet rubbing fastness improving agent 808B.

4. Please clear away foaming or groove and change the working liquid because it will have a lot of foam when it use for a long time.

5. Make sure pH at 5-6 as possible.


HT is one of professional textile chemicals manufacturers. We provide Pretreatment Auxiliaries, Dyeing Auxiliaries, auxiliary chemicals and so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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