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Hydrophilicity Silicone Softeners for Textiles A220

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Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 30 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

[Brief information]

-- A quaternary modified softening agent with terpolymer structure and excellent hydrophilicity.

-- Hydrophilicity silicone is very stable in acid and weak alkali condition at normal temperature while it also has excellent stability at 100 degree below pH 8.

-- It also has excellent stability at 100 ℃ high temperature, special for overflow dyeing machine. Soft technology become more convenient, no need of vat to vat, so it can save time and cost.

-- Confers soft, silky and bulky hand feels to fabrics, as well as hydrophilicity while absorbency is 2 – 3 seconds. Meanwhile it can replace of flake and original hydrophilic silicone oil.


[General properties]

-- Appearance: pale transparent liquid    -- pH: 5 – 8 (1% solution at 20 degree)

-- Ionicity: weakly cationic         -- Solubility: easily soluble in water


[Properties and fields of application]

-- Resistant to high temperature, mild alkali at normal temperature, strong electrolytes and shearing stable without silicone spots.

-- Natural soft, smooth and non-greasy hand feels.

-- Excellent hydrophilicity that exactly solves the conflict of hand feelings, hydrophilicity and washing resistance.

-- Suitable for various process and equipment with high flexibility.

-- Suitable for various fibres, such cotton, T/C, CVC, etc, especially best performance to cotton.

-- Excellent hydrophilicity that allows direct shade repair and avoids re-pollution during the repair.

-- As the same price with flakes, but better than flake, it can achieve the effect of flake and original hydrophilic softener for textiles.



High concentration product can dilute 2-5 times.

-- Padding:

HT-220A: 20 – 50 g/L

Cure at 100 degree and set at 150 – 180 degree for 50 seconds

-- Dipping:

HT-220A :  2 – 5% (O.W.F)

Temperature & time:  25 – 50 degree × 20 – 30 min ---Drying and stoving.

-- Specific process should be adjusted by testing.


[Dilute method]

Directly use and dilute use are workable. Cold water dilution is also fine. Suggested diluted ratio as, silicone: water= 1:6. Please prepare the silicone and add water in, and then stirring 10 mins. Stopping stirring, filtering to use.


[Packing and storage]

-- Packing: 25 kg/bag

-- Storage: Keep it cool and dry, 6 months in sealed container at room temperature


As one of the textile chemical suppliers, HT supplies a variety of fine chemical products including formaldehyde free fixing agent, acid fixing agent, multi-scouring enzyme, sequestering agent (CT powder), heat sublimation fastness improving agent, wet rubbing fastness improver, soaping agent, ice cool silicone softener, terpolymer silicone softener, brightening lubricant, softener, etc.



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